Orator - Terms of Service
By using Orator, you agree to follow the Terms stated below:

❯ Owner and Lead Developer has the right to blacklist you from the bot without notifying any information.

❯ We use some third party services in our products, if you break terms of them, you may get banned from the bot too.

❯ We don't allow usage of Orator for illegal uses. Making NSFW sounds and other type of TTS messages which aren't allowed to be done in a public voice channel, that can lead to ban of the user or the server owner or the whole server. Things we consider: - If the whole server is liable behind this issue, the server owner will be banned from using Orator and the whole server will get Blacklisted. - If a single person is liable behind this, then under certain cases that single person will be banned from using Orator.

❯ Servers Breaking Discord's ToS can also get banned. Though every cases aren't same and we may consider some of them.

❯ If we are asked by Discord for taking any steps, we will do it without giving any warnings.